Home is where the heart is

קול הישראלים בבריטניה

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Home is where the heart is

24 years of bringing the best of the Israeli property market to the world. Come to the real estate show in London: April 29th

Another successful real estate show coming to London. Photo taken at a previous conference of Bayit B'Israel

Bayit B’Israel is gearing up for yet another successful real estate show in London, taking place April 29th at Kinloss gardens. For 24 years, Bayit B’Israel has been showcasing the best of the Israeli property market to the international market. Thousands of happy buyers have found their dream Israeli home with property fairs held around the world including the USA, Canada, South Africa, Belgium and Italy.

The Bayit B’israel model brings representatives from property companies, real estate agents, banks, lawyers and other professionals to meet with potential buyers in one event. This enables prospective buyers to see many options at one time and weigh-up the advantages of any particular property against others within the market.

Representatives from property companies, real estate agents, banks, lawyers and other professionals

Personal connections ease the way

The Bayit B’Israel property fairs bring a personal touch to initial stages of exploring the Israeli property market. Bayit B’israel CEO Serge Haddad and Emanuel Vatari explain: “The events allow buyers to meet face to face with representatives. They get all the information they need and cultivate a relationship with various professionals.” These personal connections ease the way for a smoother purchasing process.

“Most people will eventually travel to Israel to see the property before they make a purchase, but the first impression created by the property show is a big part of the process.” Serge Haddad and Emanuel Vatari described.

This year we’re proud to present the London Jewish community with a variety of housing projects all over Israel. For those who are looking for holiday homes or those who intend to make Aliyah, or just want to return home – you won’t want to miss these amazing prices!

A variety of housing projects all over Israel

Where to buy your home in Israel

YOSSI AVRAHAMI – Tel Aviv, Eilat, Haifa, Kyriat Mozkin

OFER INVESTMENTS – Herzliya Pituach


REMAX – Netanya, Jerusalem

HOLD REAL ESTATE – Jerusalem, Netanya, Modiin, Harish, G. Shuel 

PRIME PROPERTY ISRAEL – TLV, Jerusalem, Raanana, Netanya

SCHECHTER NADLAN – Ramat Gan, Herzliya


MAXIME MARKS – Netanya, Ramat Poleg, Ir Yamim, Raanana, Herzliya

NOFEI ISRAEL – Ramat Givat Zeev


ANGLO-SAXON – Jerusalem, Raanana

THE WOLFSON GROUP – Ramat Beth Shemesh

TIVUCH SHELLY LEVINE – Modiin, Jerusalem

GABAY GROUP – Tel Aviv, Ashkelon 

ILAN – CUKIERMAN – Residential & Commercial all over Israel

HAZON PROPERTIES – Jerusalem, Raanana, Herzliya, TLV


RAYMOND JAMES – Investment Services

SONIGO – Shipping

RAYMOND JAMES – Aliyah Investments & Tax Planning


אלו הן הערים שבהן תוכלו לרכוש בית בישראל: תל אביב, רמת גן, גן שמואל, הרצליה, הרצליה פיתוח, רעננה, נתניה, רמת פולג, עיר ימים, ירושלים, מודיעין, רמת בית שמש, רמת גבעת זאב, אשקלון, אילת, חיפה, קריית מוצקין, חריש ומסביב לים כנרת. בכנס תוכלו גם לקבל מידע על הובלות לארץ, השקעות ותכנון מס, מנציגי בנק מזרחי טפחות וחברות נוספות.

We wish all the buyers who will start their journey towards their Israeli dream home the best of luck, and welcome home. Click here to learn more about the real estate show in London taking place on April 29.

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