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An innovative new project has just been launched in Israel and is already looking to capture global markets starting with the UK. Familist is an innovative application that offers an amicable, easy and efficient way for co-parents to communicate better and ultimately provides a peace of mind for co-parents and children alike.

The Familist application enables co-parents to easily plan ahead, calculate all expenses and custody schedules for the upcoming year (including upcoming holidays) efficiently. By simply updating the application according to the agreed divorce terms, you can now get a co-parenting communication platform that is specifically designed for you and your kids.

Millie Indig, a young promising entrepreneur and lawyer, initiated this simple yet brilliant idea while on her internship at Kanir Law Firm, one of Israel's leading divorce law firms, where she met owner, Jonathan Kanir, who joined her as a partner, followed by Anat Eshed-Glazer, lead accountant at Kanir Law Firm.

As a divorce lawyer, Millie found herself in endless divorce sessions with each side battling over every penny and custody right. Finding it hard to believe that in today's technological world, no innovative solution is available to alleviate the pain and struggle for all parties involved. It is with this in mind that Millie developed Familist, which is already in use by thousands of divorced couples who, thanks to the application, have found a greater peace of mind, a deeper bond with their children and not to mention greater co-parenting abilities and skills.

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Familist - Millie indig, Jonathan Kanir

Thousands of divorced couples have already found a greater peace of mind. Lawyers Millie indig and Jonathan Kanir. Photo: Moshe Nachimovitz

UK surpasses Israel with a higher divorce rate

2018 marked a 5% divorce rate increase in Israel. Rising from 10,661 couples in 2017 to 11,145 all via Rabbinic court. The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics findings from 2011-2015 report a 1:3.5 ratio between the 51, 765 couples who got married and the average 14,159 couples getting a divorce. Furthermore, 80% of overall divorce cases reach an agreement (usually via lawyer or mediator) with 20% continuing to court. As of 2018 and according to the latest divorce rate figures, the UK surpasses Israel with a 41.7% annual divorce rate.

The annual divorce rate in Israel stands at around 15,500 and unfortunately is on the rise. It creates a dramatic reality change with long-term repercussions for thousands of children and parents. According to research, the greatest challenges faced by co-parents are: coordination between the parties, budget, expense management, scheduling and logistics. It often results in greater daily arguments and disputes. Many divorced couples face time and time again the complexity and burdensome of exhausting back and forth, endless, daily messaging that ultimately drain all energy from all sides.

The good news is that there is no longer any need to argue or to send messages through the children (something that more than often happens). Familist is a co-parenting communication application that enables all child related coordination and communication to be conducted amicably on a single platform, from your mobile phone, delivering a stress-free environment for all.

Familist - divorced with kids in UK

There is no longer any need to argue or to send messages through the children (Illustration)

Seeking solid partners to spread the news

Familist was designed to "eliminate disputes and enhance collaboration between divorced parents on any issue related to the kids," explains Millie Indig.

Who is Familist is right for?

Millie: "Familist is right for divorced parents with children under the age of 18. For parents who communicate daily, Familist provides an amicable and efficient means of communication and coordination. For divorced parents who prefer minimal communication, Familist provides a great alternative for direct phone calls and messages without having the kids to pay the price. Familist also provides a transparent means of managing payments, budgets, schedules and reminders."

When is the global launch due? And what is the opportunity here?

"Since its inception, the company was established to face the global market. In 2020 we're already set to launch in the UK, followed by France. Familist is currently at the height of our current fundraising round and is seeking solid partners to spread the news worldwide. To view the Familist fund raising campaign click here".

Would you like to regain your peace of mind? Click here to download the app.

Familist - Millie indig

"Familist is currently at the height of our current fundraising round." Millie indig. Photo: Moshe Nachimovitz

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