The Inheritance: A World to Connect to


All of us need exactly this right now. Do not miss "The Inheritance" at Noel Coward Theatre

Drama was my saviour: Interview with Paul Hilton


Paul Hilton talks "The Inheritance" West End transfer, exploring feelings in a muted world, mental health, and the failure of today's education system

Why I suggested wearing a gold puffer jacket I’ll never know!: Interview with Hubert Burton


Hubert Burton talks "The Inheritance", being in the West End, playing the unexpected character, and making theatre more relatable

Why does it feel radical listening to someone speak?: Interview with Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson


Joe Robertson and Joe Murphy, playwrights and founders of Good Chance Theatre, talk "The Jungle", life in Calais, social change, and the necessity ofקרא עוד

My Joan is not a white woman from Iowa: Interview with Cherrelle Skeete


Cherrelle Skeete talks "Fun Home", representation and acting through music

The best work comes when people are supported: Interview with Arthur Darvill


Arthur Darvill talks "Genesis Inc.", music, balancing life and several careers, and much needed unity

A lot of rehearsals I was battling with my demons: Interview with Bettrys Jones


Bettrys Jones talks "As You Like It" and "Hamlet", playing two of Shakespeare's "manliest" men and Welsh stereotypes on stage

Love is our biggest challenge in this day and age: Interview with Andrew Scott


Andrew Scott talks "Sea Wall", grief, love and our responsibilities over our lives

Playing Jesus was the most miserable experience: Interview with Pearce Quigley


Pearce Quigley talks "Hamlet" and "As You Like It", acting while doing sign language, yearning for playfulness and "accentism" in theatre

There's always shenanigans when I'm involved!: Interview with Lloyd Hutchinson


Lloyd Hutchinson talks "Absolute Hell", onstage games, politics and how to make it as an actor

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